The Radical Roleplaying Community

An exciting new project has been progressing behind the scenes to build a new online roleplaying community on the web. The site is now complete and ready for use and what it needs is players and game masters to come and use it for their games. Spread the word and bring your friends!

The initial idea was to just create Fantasy Dice character sheets so people could share their characters from Crimson Exodus and other roleplaying games.

The character sheets were designed so they could be kept private or shared with everyone. Thus you could send a link to friends or post it on a forum or blog. Being able to print your character and export the data so you can save it and open it in excel were also important features included from the start.

As can be seen in the example sheet above the online character sheet lets you insert a link to a portrait as well and the settings can be changed to show the pages side-by-side (widescreen) or one beneath the other. The character above is a character from Crimson Exodus and as can be seen not much is required to create a Fantasy Dice character, but the online character sheet leaves lots of room for character development.

Of course, if you can share characters online it would be great to also be able to roll dice. It’s popular to use google docs (rest well google wave), google meetup, skype and other online video conferencing and collaborative authoring tools to roleplay online, and having access to and being able to share both your character sheet and dice rolls through a web browser can be very useful when playing. Sharing dice rolls over a web browser though required a bit more work, and when you’re sharing rolls it is also useful to be able to have chat functionality to allow the participants to talk as well as roll dice. So the idea of game rooms was born.

Games can be organised with passphrases and a maximum number of players for both private and public games.

The game rooms themselves show a link to the character sheets for all the characters of that game with some basic information and portraits. Real dice were used for the dice rolling graphics and all the dice of Fantasy Dice from D4 to D12 are supported and up to ten dice can be rolled in one go and are sorted by result so it is easier to spot the highest roll. The game session can also be exported as an excel readable file or as a HTML file for publishing on the web.

So everything is there for you to start your own game or create a few characters online. Go play and let us know what you think.

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