The Crimson Exodus Setting

A couple of posts back I mentioned the new Fantasy Dice book that will present the system used in Crimson Exodus without the setting.

However, in this post I want to talk briefly about theĀ Crimson Exodus setting. Crimson Exodus does cater for a wide range of fantasy gaming styles depending on where in the world you set your campaign. It leaves room for you to add your own ideas and make your own interpretations. You might play barbarian raiders plundering the Empire and hunting trolls, pirates terrorising the Rocky Seas, intrepid explorers scavenging the dangerous ruins of the Serpent Empire, orcs invading the Heartlands, or you might play the game of thrones as nobility of the Bardur Kingdoms.

However, it is not a generic fantasy setting. In the west you have a crumbling Empire from where heartless elven lords have ruled men for a millennia. The dwarves of the Fell Mountains are not only mean with the axe, but masters of sorcery and the guardians of ancient lore. Orcs are not evil minions, but savage, tribal creatures – brutal, but capable of compassion. There are arcane forces that can be controlled through sorcery, witchcraft and the black arts, but magic is feared, poorly understood, requires effort or sacrifice, and is for the most part quite subtle.

Fantasy Dice does all this very well, but it can work as well for a historical medieval setting as for a fantasy setting. The Fantasy Dice book can also be used as a player guide as it does not have any of the setting material that a game master might not want the players to know about.

If you wish to learn more about the Crimson Exodus setting you can check out:

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