Elven Lords

Raiki-Nikho cut deep and twisted the knife. The Elnar woman was beautiful and as her trusting eyes filled with confusion and fear Raiki felt a stabbing ache in his chest. But the pain was muted and the woman’s blood was already flowing into his sacrificial cup. So he drank deeply and from his lips poured the incantation he had recited countless times. It was necessary and he felt no remorse. Yet, as he placed her head on the ground he was struck with a strange impulse, and kissed her lips with his bloodstained mouth.

From Crimson Exodus by Chris Pritchard


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Vren Barbarians

This is the first post to present the peoples of the Known World in the Crimson Exodus roleplaying game, as well as a sneak peak at the character sheet.

The barbarians that inhabit the frozen wilderness of the Vren peninsula have been chiseled into a fierce and mighty folk by constant struggle with brutish trolls and merciless winters. Considered simply barbarians by most they are named northmen, or Vren, by those that have grown to respect them.

Click on the character sheet for a larger and more readable version.

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Beyond the Known World

The Known World stretches from the great sprawling Empire of the Elves by the western sea, across the vast open plains of the wild Heartlands, and even beyond the Rocky Sea to the feuding Bardur Kingdoms. We call it the Known World. Yet, there are many a forest where no man has set foot. Monsters which no man has seen, and likely even more that was once known which is now forgotten.

But what you really want to know is what lies beyond. So let me tell you of the frozen north, mysterious south, ancient east and raging waters of the western sea.

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The Tiger Spider

The Crimson Exodus is now less than a week away from being available as a PDF. Several great artists were commissioned to illustrate different parts of the book. The chapter on the peoples and the bestiary were done by Chris Pritchard, and he has done some excellent work. Here I would like to present his illustration of a Tiger Spider from the bestiary. A very large and unusual spider that hugs the ground as it crawls in search of prey and springs upon anything that moves.

Tiger Spider by Chris Pritchard