South Meadows

Set in the Known World of Crimson Exodus, South Meadows is a prosperous Bardur Kingdom surrounded by dangers and weakened by rebellion. To the west war is brewing along the border, while to the south pirates and privateers bleeds trade all across Blood Bay. The serpent river that marks the border to the east is little protection against the hill demons and monsters from the deep barrens of the Grimlands, and with wars brewing everywhere there are all too few mercenaries from the North Meadows.

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YouTube Presentation on the Peoples of the Known World

The second YouTube tutorial on the Crimson Exodus roleplaying game is now available. In this episode Elvira takes a stroll through the Heartlands talking about the different peoples of the Known World.

Dwarf Sorcerer

The Dwarves are the greatest sorcerers in the Known World. Prestigious, powerful and secretive guilds hoard precious arcane tomes and teach those that show promise. Only a very few have the exceptional patience, precision and dedication needed to actually learn to weave spells. The rest become librarians, mentors and beards. Orgar Stormhands of Khrumîn presented on the character sheet below is one of those incredibly rare individuals with the talent to see the patterns that most are blind to.

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Men of the Heartlands


Heartlanders are perhaps the most colourful, and often beautiful, of all the peoples of the Known World. The vast size of the Heartlands have hidden the true extent of the Heartlander population and although in severe decline since the exodus it is far greater than even the Elves calculated. However, there is no sense of unity among Heartlanders and isolated villagers are suspicious of outsiders of every kind.

The central and northern Heartlands have borne the brunt of the plague and suffered greatly from the collapse of the Empire. Villages, farms and roads have been abandoned to the dead, bandits and beasts. Many . . . → Read More: Men of the Heartlands

Elven Lords

Raiki-Nikho cut deep and twisted the knife. The Elnar woman was beautiful and as her trusting eyes filled with confusion and fear Raiki felt a stabbing ache in his chest. But the pain was muted and the woman’s blood was already flowing into his sacrificial cup. So he drank deeply and from his lips poured the incantation he had recited countless times. It was necessary and he felt no remorse. Yet, as he placed her head on the ground he was struck with a strange impulse, and kissed her lips with his bloodstained mouth.

From Crimson Exodus by Chris Pritchard


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Vren Barbarians

This is the first post to present the peoples of the Known World in the Crimson Exodus roleplaying game, as well as a sneak peak at the character sheet.

The barbarians that inhabit the frozen wilderness of the Vren peninsula have been chiseled into a fierce and mighty folk by constant struggle with brutish trolls and merciless winters. Considered simply barbarians by most they are named northmen, or Vren, by those that have grown to respect them.

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