South Meadows

Set in the Known World of Crimson Exodus, South Meadows is a prosperous Bardur Kingdom surrounded by dangers and weakened by rebellion. To the west war is brewing along the border, while to the south pirates and privateers bleeds trade all across Blood Bay. The serpent river that marks the border to the east is little protection against the hill demons and monsters from the deep barrens of the Grimlands, and with wars brewing everywhere there are all too few mercenaries from the North Meadows.

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Crimson Exodus Sandbox

A player driven sandbox campaign using the latest Fantasy Dice rules has launched at the Obsidian Portal. This campaign is set in the Bardur Kingdom of South Meadows and the initial starting point is House Artus separated from the Grimlands only by the Serpent River. There from the castle on the Dragon’s Arse Count Aalto lords over the prosperous town of Irum’s Crossing where all manner of travellers may end up as they travel through the Kingdom either on some Lord’s errand or seeking forbidden secrets among the ruins of the Serpent Empire in the . . . → Read More: Crimson Exodus Sandbox

YouTube Presentation on the Peoples of the Known World

The second YouTube tutorial on the Crimson Exodus roleplaying game is now available. In this episode Elvira takes a stroll through the Heartlands talking about the different peoples of the Known World.

Beyond the Known World

The Known World stretches from the great sprawling Empire of the Elves by the western sea, across the vast open plains of the wild Heartlands, and even beyond the Rocky Sea to the feuding Bardur Kingdoms. We call it the Known World. Yet, there are many a forest where no man has set foot. Monsters which no man has seen, and likely even more that was once known which is now forgotten.

But what you really want to know is what lies beyond. So let me tell you of the frozen north, mysterious south, ancient east and raging waters of the western sea.

Endless troll infested forests is all . . . → Read More: Beyond the Known World