Chaviro’s Character Sheets

Chaviro has been so very kind to share his redesigned character sheets for Crimson Exodus in both French and English. The character sheets were designed for the 1st edition of Crimson Exodus, but should work just fine for the 2nd edition and Fantasy Dice.

The character sheets are under a creative commons license (CC-BY-NC) so you can share and modify them as you like, just like most of what’s on offer from Radical Approach.

Thank you Chaviro.

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Online Roleplaying Convention

The 4th Fantasy Grounds convention is open for player bookings and GMs putting up their games. This online roleplaying game convention runs from Thursday evening May 8th to late night Sunday May 11th.

During this convention you can play for free using the great Fantasy Grounds tabletop software and it is a great chance to try out the software, test some new games and make some new online friends who enjoy roleplaying as much as you do.

The Fantasy Dice adventure Echoes of Death has been run before at this convention and comes with a Fantasy Grounds adventure module that can . . . → Read More: Online Roleplaying Convention

SciFi Dice

The totally free SciFi Dice toolkit for the Fantasy Dice Roleplaying Game Engine is now available to take you into the future of your imagination.

SciFi Dice takes the Fantasy Dice RPG system and adapts it for science fiction. You will need Fantasy Dice for the complete rules, but SciFi Dice contains complete rules for character creation and swapping avatars, sanity and mental breakdown, wealth, reputation and more as well as advise and genre specific rules for futuristic skills, firearms, electric shock, beam weapons, a damage system that scales from characters to vehicles, spaceships or even a . . . → Read More: SciFi Dice

Fantasy Dice Electronic Ruleset for Online Games

As promised the Fantasy Dice rules module that has been in development for some time now is available on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. This is a great way to run your Crimson Exodus games online.

The ruleset is free for use, but you will require a copy of Fantasy Grounds II which is a commercial software for roleplaying using a virtual online tabletop with 3D dice, interactive character sheets, map and image sharing, chat and much more. I have no affiliation with FGII, but I’ve used their software for years and find it great for hosting and playing . . . → Read More: Fantasy Dice Electronic Ruleset for Online Games

Turbo Dice and Trauma in Print

A print option for Turbo Dice is now available and I am also very pleased to announce that Trauma 2nd edition is back in print as both hard and softcover.

Turbo Dice

Turbo Dice, free under creative-commons license and available now for your gaming pleasure.

Turbo Dice is a fast, light weight version of Fantasy Dice intended for pickup games, rule-light games and as an introduction to the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game system. Turbo Dice is completely free. You may share and copy it as you like and make modifications to it and use it for your own games as per the creative commons license.

Turbo Dice is simple and fast, but still has teeth.

Also, last few days of the Crimson Exodus . . . → Read More: Turbo Dice

Fantasy Dice Ruleset Video – Part 1

I’ve uploaded the first video for how to use the Fantasy Dice ruleset for the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop software. The ruleset will be released first for backers of the Crimson Exodus 2nd Edition kickstarter, but will eventually be available either on its own or with other Radical Approach products for free so that everyone can use Fantasy Grounds to play Fantasy Dice games online.


Fantasy Dice Review

I don’t quite know where to place Fantasy Dice. It’s an odd sort of game to catagorise because it blends roleplaying and gaming really damn nicely. For example, during character creation, as well as picking a number of numerical values to represent skills and attributes, you get to choose a number of values described only by words, which are designed to encourage roleplaying as well as tactical play.

Read the full review on this new indie roleplaying blog.


End of Year Celebration Sale

To celebrate a great year Radical Approach is doing its first ever sale starting today.

We don’t mess about so all Radical Approach products at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow will be 50% off for the rest of the year and until the 2nd of January.

So grab a PDF copy of the Trauma rpg wound encyclopedia and hyper realistic post trauma game system, Fantasy Dice game system for playing in and developing your own fantasy worlds or Crimson Exodus for a grim and gritty fantasy roleplaying game at incredible . . . → Read More: End of Year Celebration Sale

Wealth and Treasure

In this post I want to discuss how your spend and acquire wealth in Fantasy Dice (and so also Crimson Exodus). It might not make a lot of sense to anyone who hasn’t read the rules, and most players don’t need this much of an understanding of how the wealth stat works. This post is targeted at GMs and players who are interested in the mercantile aspect of roleplaying.

So, in Fantasy Dice what you can afford is determined by your wealth, and so the worth of everything is usually discussed in the term of who can afford it. For example, only the wealthy can afford alchemical ink, but . . . → Read More: Wealth and Treasure