Since dawn of time the Mahada have hunted. Beast and orc alike.

Now they clash with men as the last of their kind flee north to the Heartlands.

Presenting the Panthermen.

A new Fantasy Dice race for Crimson Exodus the roleplaying game, or use in your own setting.

Mahada is available now from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG in full colour both as electronic PDF and dead tree saddle stitch binding. The PDF version also contains a white background version for those who prefer that and for easy printing.

The wonderful cover is by the talented Marie Tary.

. . . → Read More: Mahada

Peoples of The Known World

The Known World in Crimson Exodus features ten peoples that the players can base their characters on. Here I want to make a brief presentation of each. Keep in mind that the Known World is a large place and great stretches of untamed wilderness means that only a few intrepid merchants and explorers visit other cultures.


The Bardur of the east live in a feudal society where the hereditary nobility rule with absolute power over toiling commoners. With the collapse of the Empire in the west there is little that holds the kingdoms together other than a complex and ever changing . . . → Read More: Peoples of The Known World

Crimson Exodus Character Sheets

The Crimson Exodus character sheets are now available for download. Download as PDF in letter (8′x11″) format or A4 format, but also as straight PNG image files. There is also a beginner’s tactical character sheet available which has a smaller section for weapons, but includes the main tactical moves to help introduce new players to what they can do in combat.

Character Sheet – Format: Letter 8'x11"

Character Sheet – Format: A4

Page 2 Beginner’s Tactical Letter 8'x11"

Page 2 Beginner’s Tactical A4

Main Character Sheet PNG

Character Sheet Page 2 . . . → Read More: Crimson Exodus Character Sheets

Crimson Exodus Character Creation

No – this is not from the book.

Character creation in Crimson Exodus has been designed to be fast, fun and flexible. For the first part of the process you choose your people (basically race), adjust your attributes and pick your skills from a set number at different proficiency levels.

This makes it fast and allows players to create the character they want, but there is still a lot of freedom, choices and flexibility. For example you can choose a generalist or professional skill set, and there are few limitations to what skills and specialities you can pick.

Once you got the basics sorted you get a few . . . → Read More: Crimson Exodus Character Creation