Scaling Rolls in Fantasy Dice

In this post I will highlight a great feature of the Fantasy Dice roleplaying system – dice scaling.

Scaling allows players to risk everything by scaling their roll up to a higher die, or play it safe by rolling more dice. It not only gives the players more choice and control over their rolls, but it also makes combat and other competitive rolls more exciting as either side can secretly scale their rolls in anticipation of what their opponent might do.

So how does it work? In Fantasy Dice you roll a number of dice ranging from D4 (four-sided) to D12 (twelve-sided), as determined by your skill, to match or beat a difficulty or opponent’s roll. How many dice depends on your attribute and skill specialties, and any other bonuses or penalties, but no matter if you roll two or five dice only the highest result counts. Difficulties range from an easy target number of two to an insane twelve.

So as you can see rolling 4D6 (four D6) gives you a maximum result of 6. The advantage of rolling more dice is that it gives you a better chance at rolling a high result, and reduces the risk of getting a terrible result – such as all the dice being a one.

Now what scaling does is allow the type of die rolled (D4, D6, D8, D10 or D12) to be scaled up or down. If you scale up you sacrifice a die to be able to roll a higher type of die, and you can do it multiple times! So you could drop a die from 4D6 and roll 3D8 instead, and you could drop yet another die and roll 2D10, and yet another die to roll 1D12. With 1D12 you could succeed even against an insane difficulty of 12, or get a much greater degree of success against a lower difficulty, but with only one die you are as likely to roll a 1 as you are a 12. Very risky. An all-or-nothing move. This is the sort of rolls that will have everyone at the edge of their seats.

Likewise you can scale down to make a roll less risky. For example if you had a skill of 2D8 you could scale that down to 3D6, or even 4D4. However, you would only be able to scale it up to 1D10 as you have no more dice to sacrifice.

Scaling takes the straight forward and fast rolling system of Fantasy Dice and makes it much more fun, flexible and powerful without adding any complexity. This is the sort of thing that Fantasy Dice strives for. Lots of tactical freedom and depth, while keeping things simple.


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