Redesigned Fantasy Dice Character Sheet

The Fantasy Dice roleplaying game system used by Crimson Exodus is being edited for release as a stand-alone game system. Fantasy Dice is quite unlike any other system I have come across, and by releasing it as a separate book I hope it will encourage people to try it for their favourite setting. Also, if you have written your own setting or adventure, and you are looking for a game engine then Fantasy Dice might be for you.

As part of the new Fantasy Dice book I wanted to see if I could improve on the character sheets. They will remain largely the same, but have been expanded to take advantage of the full size of the page without the Crimson Exodus banner at the top. This has resulted in much needed space for enemies and allies, characteristics, aspirations and skills. There is still a bit of space above experience points, and I would love to hear any suggestions for how you would like the character sheet to look.

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4 comments to Redesigned Fantasy Dice Character Sheet

  • Criamon

    Is there a PDF of the new sheet?

  • tkullander

    Any news on this one? Would be nice to have a completed PDF, together with a ‘tactical’ back (who needs more than 4 weapons anyway?)

    The empty space above the experience box is very small, so it’s difficult to do anything with it. My suggestion; either remove the portrait box (i think it’s small to draw in anyway) and replace the area with the success-box instead (more space to use above experience)…

    …OR divide the difficulties into two columns and place it in the empty space – then you can have a bigger portrait-box.

  • Tarostar

    It has taken a bit longer than expected, but the new character sheet is imminent as is Fantasy Dice and the Four Orcs and a Dwarf adventure for Crimson Exodus.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

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