Random Review Rewards

This was announced in today’s DriveThruRPG/RPGNow Newsletter:

We like it when you leave reviews.

We like it so much, we’re launching a little promo we like to call


From now until July 15th, anyone who leaves a review (read: an actual review of some merit, not just “I love it!” or “This sucks!) goes into a pool from which a random winner – daily – will receive site credit!

One of the things customers really appreciate is having a set of reviews to consider about the products they are interested in. We strongly support the idea of fans telling other fans what they think as part of the consumer experience.

So – PRIZES! Get to reviewing!

So if you were thinking of writing a few words about Crimson Exodus now would be a good time, or you could leave some feedback on the free to download character sheets. Good luck.


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