Fantasy Dice Ruleset Video – Part 1

I’ve uploaded the first video for how to use the Fantasy Dice ruleset for the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop software. The ruleset will be released first for backers of the Crimson Exodus 2nd Edition kickstarter, but will eventually be available either on its own or with other Radical Approach products for free so that everyone can use Fantasy Grounds to play Fantasy Dice games online.


Kickstarting a 2nd Edition of Crimson Exodus

Crimson Exodus 2nd Ed Kickstarter


This weekend I launched my first kickstarter. It is about time that Crimson Exodus is updated with all the new rules presented in Fantasy Dice so I’m releasing a second edition. By doing a kickstarter I can afford to spend a bit more on the production and so make it a nicer product for you guys.

There is a lot more information over on the kickstarter project page, so go and have a read if you’re interested.

So far it has been a good start with several backers able to see past my cheesy video presentation, and have so far pledged over 25% of the funding in the first 24 hours. I am very grateful and excited. The goal is the minimum I need to pay an artist for a new cover, pay kickstarter fees and taxes, as well as print and ship the books. I don’t expect to make money on this, but I do expect to end up with a nicely produced book I can be proud of and if the project is a great success then there should be enough to produce some nice extras. I’m thinking of professional maps and more illustrations and I also have material that I have been working on that I am considering if I can release as part of the kickstarter.

My philosophy is that anyone who is a backer should get any additional material produced as part of the kickstarter for free, or at-cost for non-digital products. I really want to reward the support and so I am determined to release some of the new products I’ve been working on to kickstarters before anyone else. I am preparing these now and will be announcing them over the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to those of you who have already helped to spread the word on your own initiative or backed the kickstarter. You are the first to stand up and be counted and I am greatly humbled. We salute you intrepid adventurers!


Fantasy Dice Review

I don’t quite know where to place Fantasy Dice. It’s an odd sort of game to catagorise because it blends roleplaying and gaming really damn nicely. For example, during character creation, as well as picking a number of numerical values to represent skills and attributes, you get to choose a number of values described only by words, which are designed to encourage roleplaying as well as tactical play.

Read the full review on this new indie roleplaying blog.


End of Year Celebration Sale

To celebrate a great year Radical Approach is doing its first ever sale starting today.

We don’t mess about so all Radical Approach products at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow will be 50% off for the rest of the year and until the 2nd of January.

So grab a PDF copy of the Trauma rpg wound encyclopedia and hyper realistic post trauma game system, Fantasy Dice game system for playing in and developing your own fantasy worlds or Crimson Exodus for a grim and gritty fantasy roleplaying game at incredible prices. Even the great little colour book on the Mahada panther people with their background, pack structure and richly detailed magical items is on sale so cheap even the black furies might pause in their orc hunt to pick up a copy.

Radical Approach Sale


Wealth and Treasure

In this post I want to discuss how your spend and acquire wealth in Fantasy Dice (and so also Crimson Exodus). It might not make a lot of sense to anyone who hasn’t read the rules, and most players don’t need this much of an understanding of how the wealth stat works. This post is targeted at GMs and players who are interested in the mercantile aspect of roleplaying.

So, in Fantasy Dice what you can afford is determined by your wealth, and so the worth of everything is usually discussed in the term of who can afford it. For example, only the wealthy can afford alchemical ink, but even the poor can afford soot ink. In effect wealth is a stat which means that you don’t need to worry about counting coppers to see what you can afford.

There are nine levels of wealth, with the gap between each level of wealth increasing as you climb the wealth ladder. While a poor bondman man is only slightly better off than a pauper vagabond, a rich noble is much wealthier than a wealthy merchant. This logarithmic scale goes from beggary to legendary, for everything from penniless slaves to emperors with unbelievable riches.

When the price of something is discussed it is in terms of who can afford it, as already mentioned. This is great as you know that as long as you have the required wealth you can grab it – as long as you don’t go overboard or share too much – which can cause your wealth to drop. If you can’t afford it you might sacrifice some of your wealth for that object of desire and so drop your stat, or you may risk trying to haggle for what you want. This is all very easy to get the hang of, but when it can get slightly more confusing is how finding treasure, looting, robbing or receiving a well earned reward for a job well done affects your wealth?

Generally, acquiring coin and other stuff equivalent to your current wealth or below does not impact your wealth, unless it is in large quantities, but it could help to maintain it and so prevent it from dropping. You must acquire items worth more than you could afford with your current wealth to rise in wealth (how much you rise depends on its worth and your current wealth). This is still pretty obvious and if a wealthy man is worth a few gold coins and probably a pouch or two of silvers, then finding a treasure with that amount of coins will make anyone not already wealthy, well, wealthy.

However, finding an item with a worth making it affordable only to the wealthy will not make you wealthy, it will make you well off which is one level below wealthy. This makes sense when you think about that a wealthy character would be able to afford that item without dropping in wealth. A wealthy merchant buying a mail byrnie affordable to the wealthy will not drop in wealth because he has more wealth than the worth of the mail byrnie. Thus finding a mail byrnie will not make you wealthy, it will make you well off.

The wealth stat makes keeping track of finances a breeze and allows the players and GM to focus on the adventure and fun stuff without having to be accountants and track finances, but still makes it possible to keep track of value and engage in trade and less savoury endeavours.

I hope this post on wealth helps you handle treasure and wealth in your Fantasy Dice or Crimson Exodus game, and if you have any questions just drop them in the comments.


Echoes of Death

Echoes of Death is a not-yet-released Fantasy Dice adventure for Crimson Exodus and it will be running in the morning slot at Dragonmeet. The adventure has already been playtested at various cons and online using Fantasy Grounds II, but this time it will be run using the also not-yet-released Turbo Dice rules which is the fast play version of Fantasy Dice. These turbocharged rules have only been through one proper session of play-testing and are still being modified so it should be as exciting for the GM as for the players. Echoes of death is centered around an old worn dwarven map with: “some things are best left buried and forgotten,” smeared across it in blood. It is a sprawling underground complex for the players to explore as deeply as they dare. Although it could potentially be run for any setting, the default setup is a group of Orcs led by a Dwarf as the map reader with plenty of mistrust and potential for betrayal.

Dragonmeet takes place on the 1st of December at Kensington Town Hall in London, UK with lots of roleplaying games, board games, demos and seminars with notable guest speakers such as Ken Livingstone, Ken Hite, Robin Laws, Paul Fricker, Mike Mason, James Wallis and Graham Walmsley. It is also a great place to go x-mas shopping as all the major traders will be there with big stands, as well as art exhibitions and an auction. It is a yearly event so don’t miss out or you will be waiting a whole year for the next one.


Crimson Exodus Sandbox

A player driven sandbox campaign using the latest Fantasy Dice rules has launched at the Obsidian Portal. This campaign is set in the Bardur Kingdom of South Meadows and the initial starting point is House Artus separated from the Grimlands only by the Serpent River. There from the castle on the Dragon’s Arse Count Aalto lords over the prosperous town of Irum’s Crossing where all manner of travellers may end up as they travel through the Kingdom either on some Lord’s errand or seeking forbidden secrets among the ruins of the Serpent Empire in the barren lands to the east.

Sessions are held using the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop, but using Google Hangout (text, voice and/or video) and the Radical Approach chat and dice roller website is also an option for the future if players are so inclined. New players are welcome.

Fantasy Grounds II Rules Module

A brand new Fantasy Dice rules module that has been in development for some time now will soon be released for Fantasy Grounds II to further support the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game for those who rely on online play. As mentioned in the previous post there is already a completely free online game service for Fantasy Dice where you can share character sheets and run games, but Fantasy Grounds II is well established and an online roleplaying game software package which simulates a lot of the tabletop face-to-face experience with virtual dice rolling, integrated maps, character sheets, and more. Much of the testing of Fantasy Dice rulesystem was done through Fantasy Grounds II, so it has been extensively tried and tested.

The Fantasy Dice rules model will give you the game engine of Fantasy Dice, rulebooks and easy way to run your Fantasy Dice games online.

The Radical Roleplaying Community

An exciting new project has been progressing behind the scenes to build a new online roleplaying community on the web. The site is now complete and ready for use and what it needs is players and game masters to come and use it for their games. Spread the word and bring your friends!

The initial idea was to just create Fantasy Dice character sheets so people could share their characters from Crimson Exodus and other roleplaying games.

The character sheets were designed so they could be kept private or shared with everyone. Thus you could send a link to friends or post it on a forum or blog. Being able to print your character and export the data so you can save it and open it in excel were also important features included from the start.

As can be seen in the example sheet above the online character sheet lets you insert a link to a portrait as well and the settings can be changed to show the pages side-by-side (widescreen) or one beneath the other. The character above is a character from Crimson Exodus and as can be seen not much is required to create a Fantasy Dice character, but the online character sheet leaves lots of room for character development.

Of course, if you can share characters online it would be great to also be able to roll dice. It’s popular to use google docs (rest well google wave), google meetup, skype and other online video conferencing and collaborative authoring tools to roleplay online, and having access to and being able to share both your character sheet and dice rolls through a web browser can be very useful when playing. Sharing dice rolls over a web browser though required a bit more work, and when you’re sharing rolls it is also useful to be able to have chat functionality to allow the participants to talk as well as roll dice. So the idea of game rooms was born.

Games can be organised with passphrases and a maximum number of players for both private and public games.

The game rooms themselves show a link to the character sheets for all the characters of that game with some basic information and portraits. Real dice were used for the dice rolling graphics and all the dice of Fantasy Dice from D4 to D12 are supported and up to ten dice can be rolled in one go and are sorted by result so it is easier to spot the highest roll. The game session can also be exported as an excel readable file or as a HTML file for publishing on the web.

So everything is there for you to start your own game or create a few characters online. Go play and let us know what you think.

Fantasy Dice One Page Combat Primer


Following the One Page Fantasy Dice Primer a new One Page Fantasy Dice Combat Primer is now also available to download for free.

Like the one page primer, the combat primer is not an explanation or complete summary of the system, but intended to give a brief overview of the fundamentals of the combat system.

Together with the one page primer, the one page combat primer is a great cheat sheet reference during play, or as an overview for new players introduced to the Fantasy Dice system or Crimson Exodus.

If you have any questions why not drop by the Radical Approach forum.