No more waterwarks, but plenty of new stuff.

Today I decided to remove watermarking from ALL of my PDFs. This came about after a brief exchange over on the RPGNet forum where it was pointed out to me – to paraphrase – that watermarking your books is almost like assuming your customers are thieves. There were other arguments too, but I never had very strong reasons for using watermarking in the first place and generally frown upon DRM technologies as they penalise legitimate users, while those who do not pay arguably get a better product. I believe that anyone who has purchased any of my books in the past can simply re-download it to get a watermark-free version, and if you run into any difficulties just get in touch.

This has also renewed my interest in releasing the second edition of Crimson Exodus under a Creative Commons license to let others remix, share, tweak, and build upon the system and setting. Only a few days left on the kickstarter for this project, but it is almost there now and I’m positive about the chances of success. I am also very excited at the prospect of working with one of two very talented artists for this project: Eric Quiqley and Joshua Pinkas. Check out their excellent portfolios.

In other news here is another review I discovered recently where Nathan gave Fantasy Dice a Whirl, and here is a transcript of a Q&A Session with Dan Davenport.

If you still want more take a look at the Fantasy Dice ruleset tutorials for the Fantasy Grounds II ruleset.

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