Men of the Heartlands

Heartlander Story

Heartlander Character Sheet


Heartlanders are perhaps the most colourful, and often beautiful, of all the peoples of the Known World. The vast size of the Heartlands have hidden the true extent of the Heartlander population and although in severe decline since the exodus it is far greater than even the Elves calculated. However, there is no sense of unity among Heartlanders and isolated villagers are suspicious of outsiders of every kind.

The central and northern Heartlands have borne the brunt of the plague and suffered greatly from the collapse of the Empire. Villages, farms and roads have been abandoned to the dead, bandits and beasts. Many survivors have headed west for the Empire or east to Holmcrag, but a few brave souls still try to carve out an existence where they grew up. It is a harsh life with little hope and no guarantees.

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