Leeds Castle Jousting Tournament

Today I had the pleasure to enjoy a sunny day at Leeds Castle in Kent, England – and to my delight there was also a jousting tournament scheduled.

Sure it was mostly a show for the kids, but swords, lances, shields and galloping horses certainly stoked the fires of my imagination.

Especially as the tournament was held on the wonderful green with the once Norman stronghold (1278) of Leeds castle as a backdrop.

England is littered with these wonderful historical sites whether it is the well maintained Leeds castle or the spectacular ruins of Tintagel (King Arthur’s) Castle high above the sea.

I think many of these would make for very atmospheric gaming locations for a medieval or fantasy roleplaying session.

In other news the Crimson Exodus hardcover (and probably paperback) print version will soon be available. I have gone through several proofs to make sure the quality is as high as I can make it.

The first – and very optional – supplement is also progressing (ignoring the Trauma companion), and should be ready for a later summer or fall release. More news on that and other exciting releases will follow.

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