Features of Fantasy Dice

Fantasy Dice is the roleplaying game engine that powers Crimson Exodus.

So what are some of the features that make Fantasy Dice interesting:

  • Super simple, but tactically versatile task resolution.
  • Character defining characteristics and aspirations with real benefits.
  • No classes – occupation and path help define the character – not restrict.
  • Attributes specify number of dice to roll.
  • Skills specify type of die to roll.
  • Attribute average is two keeping most rolls to one to five dice.
  • Fast resolution – no modifiers and no adding dice together.
  • Detailed, but fast character creation.
  • Linked attributes.
  • Carefully selected skills to balance variety with simplicity.
  • Super fast NPC creation.
  • Friendly NPCs controlled by players.
  • GM Friendly – running an RPG should be fun not stressful.
  • Advise on scene handling and plot pacing.
  • Wide range of weapon types with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assemble your own armour.
  • Three distinct arts of magic: witchcraft, sorcery and the black arts.
  • Witchcraft requires blood and sacrifices.
  • Sorcery is hard and draining.
  • Black Arts dangerous and forbidden.
  • Tactical combat system where defending is as important as attacking.
  • Handling of weapon reach, counter attacks and other tactical elements.
  • Bias system for social conflict.
  • Structured, but Roleplaying focused, social conflict handling.
  • Simple ways to handle fear and fatigue.
  • Fun wealth system that handles trade with coin and barter.
  • Details on artefacts, herbs, poisons, alchemical potions and elixirs.
  • Stats and behaviour for beasts and monsters.
  • No hitpoints – realistic, but simple wound system.
  • Wound system that can be expanded seamlessly with Trauma.

Fantasy Dice Logo
Fantasy Dice was designed specifically for Crimson Exodus, but the versatile and simple game system makes it an excellent choice for any fantasy setting, and with a bit of tweaking it could conceivably be used for other settings too.

Crimson Exodus is available from RPGNow.

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