Fantasy Grounds II Rules Module

A brand new Fantasy Dice rules module that has been in development for some time now will soon be released for Fantasy Grounds II to further support the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game for those who rely on online play. As mentioned in the previous post there is already a completely free online game service for Fantasy Dice where you can share character sheets and run games, but Fantasy Grounds II is well established and an online roleplaying game software package which simulates a lot of the tabletop face-to-face experience with virtual dice rolling, integrated maps, character sheets, and more. Much of the testing of Fantasy Dice rulesystem was done through Fantasy Grounds II, so it has been extensively tried and tested.

The Fantasy Dice rules model will give you the game engine of Fantasy Dice, rulebooks and easy way to run your Fantasy Dice games online.

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5 comments to Fantasy Grounds II Rules Module

  • Chris

    Awesome. The Fantasy Grounds website says that the DICE ruleset is currently available, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

    • Tarostar

      I just noticed that as well, but it is not released yet although it should not be long now.

      I noticed browsing the website for information as I’ve been working on a language extension that scrambles languages you don’t understand and then translate the ones you do to a degree determined by your language skill die rating.

  • Chris P

    Been a while – was wondering if there’s any chance of an update to this for the most recent version of fantasy grounds (or for that matter, if you’d mind me making one and releasing it), what with changes to the software meaning that this ruleset no longer works.

    • Tarostar

      Hi Chris. I tested it not long ago and it was working, but if there have been breaking changes since then I would certainly appreciate you fixing it.

      • Chris P

        In the latest version of the software (3.2.3) and the latest version of the ruleset on drivethrurpg/rpgnow (1.1) gives me the following errors on starting character manager:

        Ruleset Error: Panel (chat) defined with a class (statchat) that does not exist.
        Ruleset Error: Panel (statdiecup) defined with a class (statdiecup) that does not exist.

        That said, it turns out I can actually open a campaign and have it work fine.

        Still, given some of the recent additions to the software, it seems to me that it might be worth doing something of an update to take advantage of that (if a little less required than I originally thought).

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