Fantasy Dice Combat

Crimson Exodus is powered by Fantasy Dice and I was asked yesterday if there are any combat examples. Since there wasn’t I decided to send a page from the Combat chapter. Now this example assumes that you have read the preceding chapters. I recommend you first read the post on Fantasy Dice, although there were still be terms and tactics which are not explained. If you have any questions please use the contact form and I will try to explain.

Combat is tactical and resolved fast, which I think is realistic and can be interpreted as being quite grim. The combat system was designed to keep things moving, while staying somewhat realistic and allowing for a lot of tactical freedom and creativity.

As a standard every combatant has two actions in a round – a primary and a secondary. Combatants must actively defend with dodges, parries and blocks to avoid being hit and since this takes an action it is not possible to defend more than twice in a round (although it is sometimes possible to “dodge out of danger”).

There are several tactics available – feint, focused strike, harass, etc. – and the players are encourage to be creative and improvise with suggestions such as taunts, intimidation, disarming attacks, etc.

Armour protects by reducing the severity of wounds like it should, weapons have different reach, wound severity, penalties/bonuses to attacks/parries and more or less armour penetration. Thus there are different advantages and disadvantages to using different types of weapon, shield and armour combinations.

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