Elven Lords

Raiki-Nikho cut deep and twisted the knife. The Elnar woman was beautiful and as her trusting eyes filled with confusion and fear Raiki felt a stabbing ache in his chest. But the pain was muted and the woman’s blood was already flowing into his sacrificial cup. So he drank deeply and from his lips poured the incantation he had recited countless times. It was necessary and he felt no remorse. Yet, as he placed her head on the ground he was struck with a strange impulse, and kissed her lips with his bloodstained mouth.

Elven Wyrmrider

From Crimson Exodus by Chris Pritchard


Arrogant and racist the Elves have strived to build an Empire on the backs of men. All Elves are brought up with a culture that emphasises Elven superiority. Most men greet Elves with a mixture of awe, respect, fear and hatred.

Players are able to play as Elves. Wealthy, masters of witchcraft and able to master skills that few men will ever have an opportunity to learn.

Organised within a caste system the witch-bloods are masters of the arcane and spiritual, war-bloods guardians and conquerors and weaver-bloods the builders and craftsmen. Each caste grants the player a different starting skill. The Elves are wise and graceful, but they are not terribly strong. Think elegant, tall and pale with lean arms and spindly fingers.

The Elves have been the undisupted rulers of the world for a millennia. As their Empire collapses around them they look wistfully to the past with little hope for the future, and so Elven player characters get less trigger ammo to fuel their aspirations.

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