Dwarf Sorcerer

The Dwarves are the greatest sorcerers in the Known World. Prestigious, powerful and secretive guilds hoard precious arcane tomes and teach those that show promise. Only a very few have the exceptional patience, precision and dedication needed to actually learn to weave spells. The rest become librarians, mentors and beards. Orgar Stormhands of Khrumîn presented on the character sheet below is one of those incredibly rare individuals with the talent to see the patterns that most are blind to.

Dwarf Character Sheet

Click on the character sheet for a larger and more readable version.

The Dwarves are a people of great wisdom with exhaustive libraries on alchemy and sorcery, and their great mountain halls are built with a splendour and grandeur that is legendary. They also hammer out the finest metalwork in the world and through transmutation they forge their much feared black bladed axes. The Dwarven war machine has laid siege to the southern province of the Elven Empire, but while Dwarven axemen march out eager for glory the halls of the Fell Mountains are increasingly beleaguered by spectres, orcs and wyrms.

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