Echoes of Death

Echoes of Death is a not-yet-released Fantasy Dice adventure for Crimson Exodus and it will be running in the morning slot at Dragonmeet. The adventure has already been playtested at various cons and online using Fantasy Grounds II, but this time it will be run using the also not-yet-released Turbo Dice rules which is the fast play version of Fantasy Dice. These turbocharged rules have only been through one proper session of play-testing and are still being modified so it should be as exciting for the GM as for the players. Echoes of death is centered around an old worn dwarven map with: “some things are best left buried and forgotten,” smeared across it in blood. It is a sprawling underground complex for the players to explore as deeply as they dare. Although it could potentially be run for any setting, the default setup is a group of Orcs led by a Dwarf as the map reader with plenty of mistrust and potential for betrayal.

Dragonmeet takes place on the 1st of December at Kensington Town Hall in London, UK with lots of roleplaying games, board games, demos and seminars with notable guest speakers such as Ken Livingstone, Ken Hite, Robin Laws, Paul Fricker, Mike Mason, James Wallis and Graham Walmsley. It is also a great place to go x-mas shopping as all the major traders will be there with big stands, as well as art exhibitions and an auction. It is a yearly event so don’t miss out or you will be waiting a whole year for the next one.


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