Crimson Exodus review on RPGNet

This book is crammed full of stuff. It has all you could need in the core, and then some. And even with all of the wonderful ideas, it is still written as to not be overly done. A GM has lots of room to play with the setting and system.

Crimson Exodus has a review up on RPGNet by Steven Lindsey. This is the second review of Crimson Exodus after David Vershaw’s review on RPGNow, and Steven has written a comprehensive review that touches on each chapter of the book.

I want to quote the description of the core mechanic in his words.

The basic mechanic for Crimson Exodus is Attribute # of Skill Die type of dice vs. a Target Number. For example if you have a Spirit of 3 and a Witchcraft of d10 a basic Witchcraft roll for you would be 3d10 vs. a TN that the GM comes up. The TN can range from an easy difficulty of 2 to an insane difficulty of 12. A player rolls his dice and the highest number is his roll. What adds a lot of tactical style to this mechanic is that players are allowed to scale their dice pools up or down. If the witch in the example needs to try to hit a TN of 12, 3d10 would make the feat impossible, but the player can scale the dice up to d12 by losing a die. Thus the 3d10 becomes 2d12 making the action plausible. It works the other way also, if it seems the action is more simple, say a TN of 4, the player can take the 3d10, and make them 4d8 or even 5d6 to have a better chance of succeeding. However, the higher above the TN you roll the better success you get, and the lower you roll in a failure the worse the outcome. This system of dice tradeoffs and levels is what truly makes the system shine; the rest of the game works in tandem with this system to create layers of outcomes including a social conflict system that uses the DICE system to affect an NPCs attitude and responses. So far I really like the system in this game. It allows a lot of player control, and it promotes a lot of tactical thinking while keeping the complexity of the game down.

The summary of the review is as follows.

I really like Crimson Exodus. The races are all interesting and add a lot to the creation of characters. I do find the setting to be a bit basic, but sometimes that is exactly what I am looking for so I can mold it to my ideals. The system is what truly makes the game shine. I like the simple DICE mechanic alongside the Trigger system that is like a less complex aspects system of FATE. I would be extremely interested in seeing sourcebooks for this game that expand on the setting.

Crimson Exodus is available as PDF, softcover and hardcover at RPGNow.

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