Crimson Exodus Character Creation

No - this is not from the book.

Character creation in Crimson Exodus has been designed to be fast, fun and flexible. For the first part of the process you choose your people (basically race), adjust your attributes and pick your skills from a set number at different proficiency levels.

This makes it fast and allows players to create the character they want, but there is still a lot of freedom, choices and flexibility. For example you can choose a generalist or professional skill set, and there are few limitations to what skills and specialities you can pick.

Once you got the basics sorted you get a few experience points to further tweak your character’s wealth, talents, skills and attributes.

You then choose a path. Whether you’re a hero or villain – you are exceptional. It is not a destiny and you’re still very much mortal, but choosing a path sets you apart and makes your character special. You can choose to walk several paths or dedicate yourself to one, but you start with a single path.

The final part of character creation is very much roleplaying focused. You choose goals for your character and personality traits. These aspirations and characteristics go beyond just defining how you will play your character. Using triggers they allow your character to achieve great things when it really matters to you, and provides a way for your GM to reward you for sticking to you character concept and making the game more colourful.

These goals and traits also work as a red flag to the GM for what sort of stories you want to be involved in, and the type of challenges and intrigue your character might enjoy.

The creation process is rounded off by picking an enemy and an ally. Not necessarily the only relationships of any importance to your character, but two that the GM will involve in the story. Your ally can be an important support, and you will get to make decisions about his or her actions and behaviour. As for your enemy – it might for example be a relative, rival or someone you have wronged. Having an interesting enemy will create more opportunities for roleplaying that can fuel your character’s aspirations and characteristics.

Finally you select some gear that is available to your people and within your character’s wealth class – and you’re ready to play.

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