Crimson Exodus 2nd Edition

Strap on your shields! Unsheathe your swords! The crimson banner is burning! Barbarians raid the coast. Dwarven war engines besiege our cities in the south. The east revolts, refugees bring plague and famine, and what do the Elves do? They flee. A crimson exodus of sails as they run from a crumbling Empire. To those who can hear me, I say – do not despair. Now is the time of Men. Let us fight! Let us all unite, to free ourselves from the tyranny of Elves! To build a new Empire. To crush the invaders and make our enemies fear us once again!

With that call to arms I can produly announce that the second edition of Crimson Exodus is out! A highly praised fantasy roleplaying game which spawned the Fantasy Dice rules, and now available in an updated new edition, with new artwork and as a fan friendly PDF with no watermarking and a creative commons license, and in print as hardcover and softcover from lulu.

So what did people say about the first edition…

First and foremost: I think I didn’t see such a quality and innovations since the release of D&D 3rd edition. …this book ROCKS!” – 5/5
- Paolo P.

Simply put, the setting is dripping with flavor and has years of gaming potential in the core book alone – there’s no clear-cut good/evil, lots of shades of gray.” – 5/5
- Adam M.

I enjoyed this book a great deal. The resolution systems has a unique twist on the roll and keep system found in such games as Legend of the 5 Rings rpg.” – 5/5
- David

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