Virtual Tabeltops

As many of you will already know virtual tabletops, or VTs to those in the know, are software programs that allow you and your group to play over the Internet. There is a wide choice. Some, like Fantasy Grounds II, are of very high quality and require you to buy a license. Others are open source like Map Tool. Different VTs have different focus and so may be suitable for different games. For example, Battlegrounds focuses on maps and combat with miniatures. Some VTs are rule agnostic, while others, such as FGII, allow users to write their own rules . . . → Read More: Virtual Tabeltops

Where Dragons Meet?

The Dragonmeet roleplaying convention takes place tomorrow in London. Among other things there will be seminars, roleplaying games, boardgames and of course the stalls where you can buy dice, games and all sorts of other fun gaming stuff. This is where I will be, helping to man the Collective Endeavour stand.

A Crimson Dawn

It is my great pleasure to announce the all new website for Radical Approach.

This new site will merge the DICE blog and the Radical Approach site into one great beast.

Here you can learn about Trauma. 187 pages dedicated to the gory subject of wounding your characters and then nursing them back to health. Now in its second edition, and available as both hardcover and paperback in the shop.

I’ll still be blogging about roleplaying games in all their glory. Game design, virtual tabletops and everything that informs and inspires. I might also re-post some of the posts from the DICE blog that I think are . . . → Read More: A Crimson Dawn