South Meadows

Set in the Known World of Crimson Exodus, South Meadows is a prosperous Bardur Kingdom surrounded by dangers and weakened by rebellion. To the west war is brewing along the border, while to the south pirates and privateers bleeds trade all across Blood Bay. The serpent river that marks the border to the east is little protection against the hill demons and monsters from the deep barrens of the Grimlands, and with wars brewing everywhere there are all too few mercenaries from the North Meadows.

Download a free PDF from DriveThruRPG with adventure hooks, locations, family trees . . . → Read More: South Meadows

Turbo Dice and Trauma in Print

A print option for Turbo Dice is now available and I am also very pleased to announce that Trauma 2nd edition is back in print as both hard and softcover.

Turbo Dice

Turbo Dice, free under creative-commons license and available now for your gaming pleasure.

Turbo Dice is a fast, light weight version of Fantasy Dice intended for pickup games, rule-light games and as an introduction to the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game system. Turbo Dice is completely free. You may share and copy it as you like and make modifications to it and use it for your own games as per the creative commons license.

Turbo Dice is simple and fast, but still has teeth.

Also, last few days of the Crimson Exodus . . . → Read More: Turbo Dice


Echoes of Death is a not-yet-released Fantasy Dice adventure for Crimson Exodus and it will be running in the morning slot at Dragonmeet. The adventure has already been playtested at various cons and online using Fantasy Grounds II, but this time it will be run using the also not-yet-released Turbo Dice rules which is the fast play version of Fantasy Dice. These turbocharged rules have only been through one proper session of play-testing and are still being modified so it should be as exciting for the GM as for the players. Echoes of death is centered around an . . . → Read More: Dragonmeet

Crimson Exodus Sandbox

A player driven sandbox campaign using the latest Fantasy Dice rules has launched at the Obsidian Portal. This campaign is set in the Bardur Kingdom of South Meadows and the initial starting point is House Artus separated from the Grimlands only by the Serpent River. There from the castle on the Dragon’s Arse Count Aalto lords over the prosperous town of Irum’s Crossing where all manner of travellers may end up as they travel through the Kingdom either on some Lord’s errand or seeking forbidden secrets among the ruins of the Serpent Empire in the . . . → Read More: Crimson Exodus Sandbox

The Radical Roleplaying Community

An exciting new project has been progressing behind the scenes to build a new online roleplaying community on the web. The site is now complete and ready for use and what it needs is players and game masters to come and use it for their games. Spread the word and bring your friends!

The initial idea was to just create Fantasy Dice character sheets so people could share their characters from Crimson Exodus and other roleplaying games.

The character sheets were designed so they could be kept private or shared with everyone. Thus you could send a link . . . → Read More: The Radical Roleplaying Community

Fantasy Dice

Dare you wake the dragon? Fantasy Dice is a roleplaying system to make gaming fun without dumbing it down. Fast paced, highly tactical and low effort for use with your own games. Create NPCs with a single stat. Roll dice, but skip the math. Everything is fast and simple, but there is plenty of depth and tactical choice. There are social conflict rules. Advice for how to run your games and much, much more.

Crimson Exodus is a complete roleplaying game using the Fantasy Dice system with a sword and sorcery feel to it and gives you a big sandbox with everything you need to play. Don your . . . → Read More: Fantasy Dice

Fantasy Dice One Page Primer



A one page primer is available for download for the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game system, this is the updated version of the system used in Crimson Exodus.

This is in no way a complete representation or summary, but intended to explain – briefly – the most fundamental concepts that everything builds on.

It does showcase some of the new features that will be presented in the updated version of Fantasy Dice. In this particular case special roll results of exceptional failure when rolling all ones, and exceptional . . . → Read More: Fantasy Dice One Page Primer

Player Driven Roleplaying

Traditionally, game sessions are run by a game master who keeps the story moving and sets up the challenges and rewards. Certainly, this is not the only way to run a roleplaying game, but it is the most common way. It is also the way things are expected to be done according to how the Crimson Exodus roleplaying game is written. However, a lot of importance is placed on the players having the final say over their direction and goals. The player characters, and by extension their allies, friends and family, are entirely the domain of the players and they decide how, or if, they want to tackle each . . . → Read More: Player Driven Roleplaying

VT Tips

In my previous post I talked about VTs. Having used them with several different groups in the last few years, both as game master and player, I have learned a few things about the pitfalls and strengths of VTs. In this post I want to share some of that experience.

Distractions kill your games. Watching youtube, chatting online, having the TV on in the background and so on will all zap the focus of the participants and pretty soon you will have a group of zombies with response time lag and diminished involvement. Distracted players will react – often with a delay – but will rarely contribute and this . . . → Read More: VT Tips