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Radical Approach now has a forum over at UK Role Players. Just a friendly corner of the web where you can discuss Crimon Exodus, Trauma, Fantasy Dice and anything roleplaying related.


Fantasy Dice One Page Primer



A one page primer is available for download for the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game system, this is the updated version of the system used in Crimson Exodus.

This is in no way a complete representation or summary, but intended to explain – briefly – the most fundamental concepts that everything builds on.

It does showcase some of the new features that will be presented in the updated version of Fantasy Dice. In this particular case special roll results of exceptional failure when rolling all ones, and exceptional . . . → Read More: Fantasy Dice One Page Primer

The Crimson Exodus Setting

A couple of posts back I mentioned the new Fantasy Dice book that will present the system used in Crimson Exodus without the setting.

However, in this post I want to talk briefly about theĀ Crimson Exodus setting. Crimson Exodus does cater for a wide range of fantasy gaming styles depending on where in the world you set your campaign. It leaves room for you to add your own ideas and make your own interpretations. You might play barbarian raiders plundering the Empire and hunting trolls, pirates terrorising the Rocky Seas, intrepid explorers scavenging the dangerous ruins of the Serpent Empire, orcs invading the . . . → Read More: The Crimson Exodus Setting

Crimson Exodus review on RPGNet

This book is crammed full of stuff. It has all you could need in the core, and then some. And even with all of the wonderful ideas, it is still written as to not be overly done. A GM has lots of room to play with the setting and system.

Crimson Exodus has a review up on RPGNet by Steven Lindsey. This is the second review of Crimson Exodus after David Vershaw’s review on RPGNow, and Steven has written a comprehensive review that touches on each chapter of the book.

I want to quote the description of . . . → Read More: Crimson Exodus review on RPGNet



Since dawn of time the Mahada have hunted. Beast and orc alike.

Now they clash with men as the last of their kind flee north to the Heartlands.

Presenting the Panthermen.

A new Fantasy Dice race for Crimson Exodus the roleplaying game, or use in your own setting.

Mahada is available now from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG in full colour both as electronic PDF and dead tree saddle stitch binding. The PDF version also contains a white background version for those who prefer that and for easy printing.

The wonderful cover is by the talented Marie Tary.

. . . → Read More: Mahada

Peoples of The Known World

The Known World in Crimson Exodus features ten peoples that the players can base their characters on. Here I want to make a brief presentation of each. Keep in mind that the Known World is a large place and great stretches of untamed wilderness means that only a few intrepid merchants and explorers visit other cultures.


The Bardur of the east live in a feudal society where the hereditary nobility rule with absolute power over toiling commoners. With the collapse of the Empire in the west there is little that holds the kingdoms together other than a complex and ever changing . . . → Read More: Peoples of The Known World

X-Mas in July

The good people over at RPGNow have started the X-Mas in July sale and there are thousands of products selling at 25% off. That includes Radical Approach products so until the end of July you can get a generous 25% discount on Crimson Exodus and Trauma. So buy yourself a summer present at RPGNow.com.

Myriad Games

Myriad Games in Salem, New Hampshire, USA now carries both Trauma and Crimson Exodus. So if that is near you and you’re thinking of getting Trauma or Crimson Exodus please support your local game shop and buy it from them.

Trauma is also due to be available on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow as PDF, hardcover and paperback. More information about that to follow shortly.

Mahada - a brand new race is also scheduled to be released for Crimson Exodus this summer. This will be a full colour booklet available both in print and as PDF with original cover art by Marie Tary.

Random Review Rewards

This was announced in today’s DriveThruRPG/RPGNow Newsletter:

We like it when you leave reviews.

We like it so much, we’re launching a little promo we like to call

RANDOM REVIEW REWARDS! From now until July 15th, anyone who leaves a review (read: an actual review of some merit, not just “I love it!” or “This sucks!) goes into a pool from which a random winner – daily – will receive site credit!

One of the things customers really appreciate is having a set of reviews to consider about the products they are interested in. We strongly support the idea of fans . . . → Read More: Random Review Rewards

Fantasy Dice Combat

Crimson Exodus is powered by Fantasy Dice and I was asked yesterday if there are any combat examples. Since there wasn’t I decided to send a page from the Combat chapter. Now this example assumes that you have read the preceding chapters. I recommend you first read the post on Fantasy Dice, although there were still be terms and tactics which are not explained. If you have any questions please use the contact form and I will try to explain.

Combat is tactical and resolved fast, which I think is realistic and can be interpreted as being quite grim. The combat system was designed . . . → Read More: Fantasy Dice Combat