Beyond the Known World

The Known World stretches from the great sprawling Empire of the Elves by the western sea, across the vast open plains of the wild Heartlands, and even beyond the Rocky Sea to the feuding Bardur Kingdoms. We call it the Known World. Yet, there are many a forest where no man has set foot. Monsters which no man has seen, and likely even more that was once known which is now forgotten.

But what you really want to know is what lies beyond. So let me tell you of the frozen north, mysterious south, ancient east and raging waters of the western sea.

Endless troll infested forests is all you will find in the cold and unexplored north.

Impossible mountains wall in the Heartlands and protect them from the beasts of the steamy jungles of the deep south, but the Dwarves who live there are not friendly to men.

Horrors are said to stalk ancient ruins in the blistering desert and scorching wastelands of the eastern serpent lands. More likely though you will end up on the spear of a hill demon.

And only a foolish Captain braves the stormy western whale sea. Where enormous sea monsters rage beyond the drowning isles.

Many evils have befallen this land, but better plague and brutish barbarians than the madness that lies beyond.

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