Be Creative

Writing Material for Radical Approach Products

If you want to write adventures and campaigns, or produce any material (books, pdfs, text documents, art, music, video, websites and so on) for any of the products published by Radical Approach, such as Fantasy Dice and Crimson Exodus, then we want to support you. Just be considerate of the conditions below. There are no costs or fees involved.

Whether you wish to create something that you will share and distribute completely free, or you want to sell a product which references any Radical Approach material the conditions are the same. You do not need to contact us unless you wish to use the DICE logo on your product, or you want us to approve it as an officially supported product and market it on the Radical Approach website – none of which will cost you anything. If any of the terms below do not work for you then just contact us and we can work out terms which work for you. Contact us at

Commercial and Non-Commercial Material

You may create, distribute, publish and sell material referencing Fantasy Dice or any other Radical Approach product without contacting us by agreeing to follow these licensing terms:

1. Radical Approach grants a non-exclusive, non-assignable license to reference the Fantasy Dice rules, Crimson Exodus, Trauma or any Radical Approach roleplaying material.

2. You must agree to place the text below in a prominent location and readable format, and you must replace “[referenced-books]” with the books referenced (e.g. Fantasy Dice, Crimson Exodus or Trauma):

“This product references [referenced-books] available from Radical Approach at References are used with permission, but Radical Approach is in no way involved with this product and does not give any promises or warranties about its quality or suitability.”

3. You must agree not to reproduce any material from any of the copyrighted works of Radical Approach beyond short references to rules and game mechanics, including, but not limited to, setting material, artwork and rules, without the express written consent of the copyright holder.

4. By publishing your product under this license you take full legal responsibility for your own product and indemnify Radical Approach and its members and employees, as well as any other company or persons associated with Radical Approach, and hold them harmless against all loss, injury and expense, including reasonable attorney fees, from any breach of this license agreement.

5. Radical Approach reserves all intellectual property rights, such as, but not limited to, licensing and merchandising rights.

6. You may not use the DICE logo without contacting Radical Approach and getting permission to do so. Please get in touch if you are interested. We will not charge you, but will need to review and approve your product before you can use the logo. If we do approve it we may also offer to advertise or host your product.

7. Radical Approach reserves the right to change or revoke this license.