August 1st Release for Fantasy Dice PDF

Fantasy Dice Launches its attack 1st of August

Fantasy Dice the roleplaying game brings you the tactical game system first seen in Crimson Exodus for use with any game. A complete book with everything you need to play in your favourite setting or world of your own creation.

Anyone who has played Crimson Exodus will recognise that the majority of the rules remain the same, but you will also find that many important changes and improvements have been made. The whole system has been revised and extended with new paths and advise for how to create your own style of magic and adapt your games.

There are new alternative ways to handle herbs and potions through character skills and wealth rather than through having to deal with gathering and tracking inventory. Useful advise on creating your own artefacts as well as brand new sample artefacts, and a small adventure focused on the plight of a farming community come under the harsh rule of a new village reeve that will fit into almost any medieval or fantasy setting.

The Fantasy Dice PDF will be available from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, as well as from Chronicle City. Chronicle City will also be releasing a print edition at a future date.

More glimpses at the Fantasy Dice rules will be released in the run-up to the 1st of August, so check back soon to learn more.

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