A Crimson Dawn

It is my great pleasure to announce the all new website for Radical Approach.

This new site will merge the DICE blog and the Radical Approach site into one great beast.

Here you can learn about Trauma. 187 pages dedicated to the gory subject of wounding your characters and then nursing them back to health. Now in its second edition, and available as both hardcover and paperback in the shop.

I’ll still be blogging about roleplaying games in all their glory. Game design, virtual tabletops and everything that informs and inspires. I might also re-post some of the posts from the DICE blog that I think are still informative.

Most importantly to me at the moment I will be unveiling Crimson Exodus and the Fantasy Dice game engine that powers it.

Crimson Exodus is a fantasy roleplaying game that could be summed up as sword & sorcery with orcs & elves. It is a book greatly inspired from such old time greats as Robert E. Howard and Michael Moorcock, but equally J.R.R. Tolkien and other writers of high fantasy. It is a rich setting with monsters, clashing armies, crumbling empires, feuding kingdoms, witchcraft, ancient horrors and perhaps most importantly a world that remains largely unexplored. It is not a tamed world and its would be masters are leaving in a great exodus while plague and lawless chaos spreads like wildfire. More information will be posted in the coming weeks and months, and Crimson Exodus is currently scheduled for 2011.

The Fantasy Dice game engine allows you – nay demands! – to use nearly all your precious dice, but importantly avoids silly sized dice pools. Expect to be rolling between one and six dice and then simply pick out the highest die. Fantasy Dice shuns maths, but is not afraid to add tactical depth and provide plenty of rules and guidelines for a rich gaming experience. Everything is elegantly handled by adding and removing dice, or scaling up and down the type of die you can roll. It puts a lot of control in the hands of the players and it is great fun!

Finally, I will be attending the Dragonmeet roleplaying convention in London on November the 27th where I shall be selling copies of Trauma. Anyone who wants to buy a copy, or if you want to ask questions about Crimson Exodus, just come to the Collective Endeavour boot. I’m honoured to be sharing a boot with these inspired game designers and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

Enjoy, and remember: “When the dice start rolling don’t run for cover. Grab your shield and sword, and come join the fray.

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