Turbo Dice

Turbo Dice, free under creative-commons license and available now for your gaming pleasure.

Turbo Dice is a fast, light weight version of Fantasy Dice intended for pickup games, rule-light games and as an introduction to the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game system. Turbo Dice is completely free. You may share and copy it as you like and make modifications to it and use it for your own games as per the creative commons license.

Turbo Dice is simple and fast, but still has teeth.

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No more waterwarks, but plenty of new stuff.

Today I decided to remove watermarking from ALL of my PDFs. This came about after a brief exchange over on the RPGNet forum where it was pointed out to me – to paraphrase – that watermarking your books is almost like assuming your customers are thieves. There were other arguments too, but I never had very strong reasons for using watermarking in the first place and generally frown upon DRM technologies as they penalise legitimate users, while those who do not pay arguably get a better product. I believe that anyone who has purchased any of my books in the . . . → Read More: No more waterwarks, but plenty of new stuff.