Fantasy Dice Ruleset Video – Part 1

I’ve uploaded the first video for how to use the Fantasy Dice ruleset for the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop software. The ruleset will be released first for backers of the Crimson Exodus 2nd Edition kickstarter, but will eventually be available either on its own or with other Radical Approach products for free so that everyone can use Fantasy Grounds to play Fantasy Dice games online.


Kickstarting a 2nd Edition of Crimson Exodus


This weekend I launched my first kickstarter. It is about time that Crimson Exodus is updated with all the new rules presented in Fantasy Dice so I’m releasing a second edition. By doing a kickstarter I can afford to spend a bit more on the production and so make it a nicer product for you guys.

There is a lot more information over on the kickstarter project page, so go and have a read if you’re interested.

So far it has been a good start with several backers able to see past my cheesy video presentation, and have . . . → Read More: Kickstarting a 2nd Edition of Crimson Exodus