Fantasy Grounds II Rules Module

A brand new Fantasy Dice rules module that has been in development for some time now will soon be released for Fantasy Grounds II to further support the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game for those who rely on online play. As mentioned in the previous post there is already a completely free online game service for Fantasy Dice where you can share character sheets and run games, but Fantasy Grounds II is well established and an online roleplaying game software package which simulates a lot of the tabletop face-to-face experience with virtual dice rolling, integrated maps, character sheets, and more. Much of . . . → Read More: Fantasy Grounds II Rules Module

The Radical Roleplaying Community

An exciting new project has been progressing behind the scenes to build a new online roleplaying community on the web. The site is now complete and ready for use and what it needs is players and game masters to come and use it for their games. Spread the word and bring your friends!

The initial idea was to just create Fantasy Dice character sheets so people could share their characters from Crimson Exodus and other roleplaying games.

The character sheets were designed so they could be kept private or shared with everyone. Thus you could send a link . . . → Read More: The Radical Roleplaying Community