Fantasy Dice Table of Contents

For an overview of what is contained in the Fantasy Dice roleplaying game have a look at the table of contents PDF.

Scaling Rolls in Fantasy Dice

In this post I will highlight a great feature of the Fantasy Dice roleplaying system – dice scaling.

Scaling allows players to risk everything by scaling their roll up to a higher die, or play it safe by rolling more dice. It not only gives the players more choice and control over their rolls, but it also makes combat and other competitive rolls more exciting as either side can secretly scale their rolls in anticipation of what their opponent might do.

So how does it work? In Fantasy Dice you roll a number of dice ranging from D4 (four-sided) to D12 (twelve-sided), as determined by your skill, to match . . . → Read More: Scaling Rolls in Fantasy Dice

August 1st Release for Fantasy Dice PDF

Fantasy Dice the roleplaying game brings you the tactical game system first seen in Crimson Exodus for use with any game. A complete book with everything you need to play in your favourite setting or world of your own creation.

Anyone who has played Crimson Exodus will recognise that the majority of the rules remain the same, but you will also find that many important changes and improvements have been made. The whole system has been revised and extended with new paths and advise for how to create your own style of magic and adapt your games.

There are new alternative ways to handle herbs and potions through . . . → Read More: August 1st Release for Fantasy Dice PDF