Chronicle City

We are very pleased to announce that Chronicle City, founded by industry veteran Angus Abranson, will carry Radical Approach books. What this means is a much bigger distribution and getting the books into your local gaming stores.

Angus Abranson has a lot of experience and with several great roleplaying lines already signed up it looks set to achieve its tagline as “The New Capital of Gaming”. Geek Native takes a look inside Chronicle City in an interview with Angus Abranson, and a promising new free quarterly e-magazine called The Gazebo has also just launched with . . . → Read More: Chronicle City

Fantasy Dice

Dare you wake the dragon? Fantasy Dice is a roleplaying system to make gaming fun without dumbing it down. Fast paced, highly tactical and low effort for use with your own games. Create NPCs with a single stat. Roll dice, but skip the math. Everything is fast and simple, but there is plenty of depth and tactical choice. There are social conflict rules. Advice for how to run your games and much, much more.

Crimson Exodus is a complete roleplaying game using the Fantasy Dice system with a sword and sorcery feel to it and gives you a big sandbox with everything you need to play. Don your . . . → Read More: Fantasy Dice