Peoples of The Known World

The Known World in Crimson Exodus features ten peoples that the players can base their characters on. Here I want to make a brief presentation of each. Keep in mind that the Known World is a large place and great stretches of untamed wilderness means that only a few intrepid merchants and explorers visit other cultures.


The Bardur of the east live in a feudal society where the hereditary nobility rule with absolute power over toiling commoners. With the collapse of the Empire in the west there is little that holds the kingdoms together other than a complex and ever changing . . . → Read More: Peoples of The Known World

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Trauma provides rules for wounds, infections, blood loss, shock and much more researched from medical literature for use in your roleplaying game. There are tables for determining trauma randomly according to the hit location and wound severity. There are anatomical descriptions of . . . → Read More: Trauma PDF and Print Editions

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