Random Review Rewards

This was announced in today’s DriveThruRPG/RPGNow Newsletter:

We like it when you leave reviews.

We like it so much, we’re launching a little promo we like to call

RANDOM REVIEW REWARDS! From now until July 15th, anyone who leaves a review (read: an actual review of some merit, not just “I love it!” or “This sucks!) goes into a pool from which a random winner – daily – will receive site credit!

One of the things customers really appreciate is having a set of reviews to consider about the products they are interested in. We strongly support the idea of fans . . . → Read More: Random Review Rewards

Fantasy Dice Combat

Crimson Exodus is powered by Fantasy Dice and I was asked yesterday if there are any combat examples. Since there wasn’t I decided to send a page from the Combat chapter. Now this example assumes that you have read the preceding chapters. I recommend you first read the post on Fantasy Dice, although there were still be terms and tactics which are not explained. If you have any questions please use the contact form and I will try to explain.

Combat is tactical and resolved fast, which I think is realistic and can be interpreted as being quite grim. The combat system was designed . . . → Read More: Fantasy Dice Combat

Crimson Exodus Hardcover

Click on the image for a larger version.

Crimson Exodus hardcover edition is now available in print from RPGNow.


Leeds Castle Jousting Tournament

Today I had the pleasure to enjoy a sunny day at Leeds Castle in Kent, England – and to my delight there was also a jousting tournament scheduled.

Sure it was mostly a show for the kids, but swords, lances, shields and galloping horses certainly stoked the fires of my imagination.

Especially as the tournament was held on the wonderful green with the once Norman stronghold (1278) of Leeds castle as a backdrop.

England is littered with these wonderful historical sites whether it is the well maintained Leeds castle or the spectacular ruins of Tintagel (King Arthur’s) Castle high above the sea.

I think many . . . → Read More: Leeds Castle Jousting Tournament