Crimson Exodus Table of Contents

In this post I present a quick overview of the Crimson Exodus table of contents, followed by the actual table of contents from the book.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Core Concepts Peoples Character Creation Paths Skills Barter Swords and Armour Rolls and Rules Character Development Combat Trauma The Ambush Game Mastery Demons and Spirits Witchcraft Sorcery Black Arts Artefacts Herbs Alchemy Known World Travel Dark Secrets Doom and Gloom Bestiary 6 10 46 74 92 105 118 134 158 162 181 193 196 206 211 222 233 240 252 262 268 291 294 307 314

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YouTube Presentation on the Peoples of the Known World

The second YouTube tutorial on the Crimson Exodus roleplaying game is now available. In this episode Elvira takes a stroll through the Heartlands talking about the different peoples of the Known World.